The official database of Football Manager


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FMdB is an official app of the of the videogame database Football Manager which includes valid information about more than 450,000 players and more than 50,000 teams. This information is so reliable that tons of professional teams, including some in the major leagues, use if to do their recruiting.

In FMdB you’ll basically find two types of profiles: games and teams. Inside the player profiles you can check out all their attributes inside the field, which normally represent their real attributes quite accurately. You can also check out their season history and basic information (age, height, weight, etc.)

As far as team information is concerned, you can browse all the relevant information about each club and selection. View the founding year, official stadium, captain, media rating and much more.

FMdB is a really useful app for soccer fans or even recruiters that work for some soccer club. Of course, the app is incredibly interesting for regular players of the Football Manager franchise.

Android 4.1 or greater is required